The world first, The Original Adjustable Wing Twin Fin high performance surfboard fin.

WaveFin makes the only Adjustable Wing Twin in the world.

The first Adjustable Wing Twin Surfboard Fin experiments were done on the Gold Coast Australia. The prototypes made in an old cane farmers shed in the south-east corner of Queensland Australia, north of the Gold Coast (place Woongoolba). back in the seventies.

The fins crafted out of aluminium milled on an old milling machine and the aluminium surfboard fin wings tapped out for the bolts and ground to shape and foiled out of 10mm aluminium plate with an old angle grinder……They looked a bit rough but the Adjustable Wing Twin Fin worked extremely well on a surfboard especially in powerful surf.

After years past since the 1970’s when the first Adjustable Wing Twin Surfboard Fin prototype experiments for surfboards were completed and proved themselves as a unique piece of equipment giving the surfboard rider an experience never felt before are now being production made so that other surfers may have the unique experience of surfing the world’s first, Original Adjustable Wing Twin Fin.

Have a look at a video of its construction you can see some thing never done before to a surfboard fin something out of the square, a step in the evolution of the surfboard fin.

The Adjustable Wing Twin fin can be set to a wide range of configurations, as well as the ability to change the wing tips.

Surfboard fin


The side fins are adjustable straight ahead, up and down and that will give you trim, lift and drive.

1. Trim is obtained by having the wing adjusted parallel with the base of the fin.

2. Lift is obtained by adjusting the front of the wing up by one spline from parallel.

3. Drive is obtained by adjusting the front of the wing down by one spline from parallel.

Surfboard fin  The fin plugs are a high quality FCS fit.

The wings are held on by marine grade stainless steel self tapping screw.

The mountings are an extremely strong spline fit.
Side fins are inter-changeable from right to left so the wing tip can face up or down.

Take off in some larger waves with the Adjustable Wing Twin Fin it has more hold than a normal twin fin and just as loose if not looser.

This fin will suitable for a wide weight range.

Surfboard fin adjustment

Fin dimensions:

111mm in-depth (i.e. tip of fin to base) Main Body or strut.

I agree some new things are a risk and imagine how it will change your ride winged twin fins deliver excellent hold in the pocket and hollow section of waves, especially the more powerful ones, whilst generating speed down the line as well as carving up the flatter section and giving a stabilization effect in the chop.

The fins are well suited for fish and hybrid surfboards and will give your high performance surfboard a new feel. You can use them as a twin, or blend them in with your quad and thruster set ups.



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